Solar Home in Fairplay, Colorado

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Key Features:

--Passive solar tilt-up concrete home including solar heated garage.
--Off grid 5.6 KW photovoltaic system with Solar-One HUP Batteries (48V 845 aH 40 kwH).
--Solar hot water- domestic and radiant in-floor heat with 380 gallon tank and 200 sq feet collectors.
--R-20 foam on concrete walls and R-42 structural insulated panel ceiling.
--Energy star appliances and on-demand hot water heater backup.
--Heat mirror windows.
--Heat recovery ventilation system.
--Daylighting- clerestory windows.
--Active radon mitigation.
--Masonry wood burning fireplace.
--Low VOC paints/sealants.
--Renewable/green products- bamboo floors, lyptus cabinets, recycled rubber deck floors.
--Energy efficient lighting-
LED's, compact fluorescents, occupancy sensors.
--Lightening protection system.

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Last update: 5/2/21